From Summer Colour to Black & White

Originally a very colourful scene with creative garden bench built to capture the view when passerby stops to rest after the long climb up from the sandy beach,

Originally a very colourful scene (adjusted to black and water for the purpose of the project) with a creative garden bench built in a perfect position to capture the view when families stop to rest after the long climb up the hill from a day at the beach, ..  notice the stone work on the back of the bench.

This is my first attempt of simply changing a colour photo to black and white .. hope you like it.

This post is inspired by the Bench Series.  For the month of February, it is suggested to post a photo of a bench in black and white.   If you check out travel words blog here you will see the guidelines and other posts.

Next month is ‘wooden benches’.

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Photo Challenge – Symmetry

Under the bridge, Singapore

Under the bridge, Singapore

This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge by Daily Post … “for this challenge, share an image of symmetry .. you can bend this theme in anyway you like … let the world inspire you.”

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Photo Challenge – serenity

My serenity photo was taken last year in Dubai.  Even though it was an exceptionally hot day – it was a serene moment.    There is a certain serenity, I think, about religious buildings and the quiet movements that seem to become part of everyone when in the vicinity of spirituality and meditative practice.

A serene moment in Dubai at the Mosque

A serene moment in Dubai at the Jumeriah Mosque

This post is inspired by the Weekly photo challenge 2015 as invited by the Daily Post crew each Friday.  The January 23, 2015 theme is serenity.

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Garden Bench – Sherborne, England

I am indeed grateful that I can get out and about to enjoy the fresh air and delightful scenery of the world around me.  Last year I travelled to England (from Australia)  and enjoyed visiting the gardens there and checking out the old buildings with a long history.

Here is Australia our long history is in the land and the hills not in the buildings.

This photo was taken on a beautiful sunny day in July at the Sherborne Castle, Sherborne, Dorset.  It has a very long history and was built in 1594 by Sir Walter Raleigh and is now the home of the Digby family.  According to their website a spring bulb and daffodil weekend is planned for late march, 2015 – what a great time to visit.

A garden bench in Sherborne Castle Gardens, England

A garden bench in Sherborne Castle Gardens, England

This post is inspired by the Garden Bench Series.  For the month of January, it is suggested to post a photo of a ‘garden’ bench.   If you check out travel words blog here you will see the guidelines and other posts.

Where’s my backpack also has some lovely photos of garden benches, you can find that post here.

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I do love you!!

He was gorgeous and I loved him.   I was 20, young and naive and he was my first love, my real love – he was nearly 21 and a country boy looking for a fun time in the city and to escape the emotional ties of his parents and life on the farm.

We were introduced by a friend who bought his two mates to the city for a weekend away from home and we spent our days at the beach enjoying the sun and evenings in the city looking for food and music.  Three guys and three gals. We laughed, we talked, we played cards, we danced  and I fell in love.  He took my breath away – the country boy, with the broad shoulders  – with his presence and with his smile.

We kept in touch over and wrote letters to each other and drove across the country on Friday nights to spend the weekends together when we could.   He was tall and strong and masculine – a godly creature to me.  I loved the way he moved.  I would watch him walk, tall and straight with a purpose in his stride and sign with contentment that he was in my company, he was with me.   The smell of his skin would delight my senses with just a hint of cologne and I still get a nostalgic buzz today, when I catch a whiff of Blue Stratos men’s cologne when I pass by a perfumery or cologne counter at the shopping centre or local pharmacy.  At times when I am feeling a little lonely for those days, I will stop and spray a little sample to carry with me through the day.

We were a group of friends together, growing up, taking risks and breaking parental rules.  We stayed out too late and turned the music up loud when we got home and the next day we ate hearty breakfasts at a time when other people were preparing their lunch.  In many ways it was a very innocent time.  Yet, it was a courageous time as well and a time of significant attachment and bonding in our friendships as a group.

I went back to office work during the week and he went back to work on the family farm (begrudgingly – as he did not seem to have the same connection to the farm as his family and as a young man spoke of seeking new experiences)  and we wrote beautiful, loving and funny letters to each other.  I kept those letters for many years – and cried the day they were burnt (but that’s another story).

One weekend I recall, I took the overnight bus across the country to see ‘my love’ and our friendship group.  We all went to see a football match between two local teams on the Saturday and returned home later in the day to dance in the lounge room.  We laughed and talked, shared secrets and occasionally new people joined our circle of friendship.

It was that weekend on one delightful and memorable evening that he held me in his arms and quietly said “I love you, you rabbit”!!


…  and I said nothing!   I was like the rabbit in the headlight, startled and afraid and naive – and stunned!  I was unprepared and vulnerable.   I did not think for a moment that my love for him might have been mutual.  My heart stopped.   I did not know how to respond – I don’t think I had been prepared at all for this moment.   What was I to do or say?  So being naive and insecure I froze, went silent and said nothing.

You see, for me, my love for him was beyond words …  I had no words to say.   I never expected that someone might love me in the same way that I loved him!  It had been suggested to me many time in my earlier years not to expect that from someone.

Looking back now (many years later), I realise that it was first love for both of us – a mutual and beautiful heart, stopping love.   I still get goosebumps thinking about that love and those beautiful days.

I wish I had been brave enough on that special night to say “I love you too”!

And my love, I still do!!

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Photo challenge ~ shadowed


A beautiful well established tree and old character building bathed in both light and shade …

This post is inspired by wordpress and the Weekly Photo Challenge of  9 January, 2015.  “Experimenting with shadows can be fun and rewarding.”  This tree and building that I noticed on a walk around the Bayswater area of London was beautiful and I thought might make an interesting photo or painting, so I stopped to take the photo – I am so glad I did.

I you want to participate click on the above link and it will take you to the Daily Post invitation!

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Photo challenge ~ warmth

the warmth and sincerity of a good friendship can be found with the company of a dog!!

the warmth and sincerity of a good friendship can be found with the company of a dog .. a family pet!!

This post is inspired by WordPress, weekly photo challenge December 26, 2015. “Let’s keep things nice and cosy.”

… and what’s more cosy than a cuddle with a special furry / fluffy friend  ..  one that accepts without judgement?

Let’s just snuggle, relax and enjoy the warmth!

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Today’s quote: January 10, 2015

When inspiration knocks, open the door!

“When was the last time you gave your wishes wings?  Wishes can fly, but only if you give them wings.  Your wish?  See it. Believe it.  Indulge the bliss of it with your entire being.  Know you are worthy of every good and lovely thing, and your wish will take wing.”

Angi Sullins, Duirwaigh Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

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Weekly photo challenge ~ new

morning sun - Bayswater, London

A new day – the morning sun – Bayswater, London

This post is inspired by WordPress weekly photo challenge of 2 January 2015.   “Possibility.  Opportunity. Potential.  As another year gets underway, let’s celebrate the new!”  A fresh new day is indeed a celebration of life renewed and new opportunities.

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On Being Grateful

Dear self,

Thank you for 2014!

This short letter is to say thank you and let you know how much I have appreciated you this year and the opportunities and experiences that we have created together.  It has indeed been a pleasure to continue our friendship and life in glorious harmony, caring for the body, nurturing our soul and educating my mind.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, to really know and understand me.  For loving me and my foibles and weaknesses as well as my courage and beauty.

Thank you for helping me to stay in employment that allows me to be creative and nurtures and supports me.  It is indeed a privilege to have regular employment where one can work in line with one’s life purpose.

Thank you for the quiet mornings of reflection when we sit together at the beginning of the day peacefully planning a good and bright day.  This has been an enjoyable ritual for me this year.

Thank you for relaxing sleep each night.  I am so grateful that my sleep is peaceful, deep and refreshing each and every night.  You settle my mind and allow my body to rest.

Thank you for introducing me to new friends this year, what a delight to meet ‘J’ at the bookshop and ‘R’ at the retreat and to get to chat with ‘D’ on that short and memorable plane flight.

Thank you for travelling with me on our holiday in Europe during the Summer, we had fun didn’t we –  and only got lost once.   Although, I never feel really lost or alone when I have your company and care in my life.

Thank you for helping me make time for study and reading – for the library books of Neale Donald Walsh and Lily Brett.     For John Adair’s leadership theory and Singletons’s stakeholders matrix for communicating change in the workplace.  For the novel ‘The 100 Year Old Man who Climbing out the Window and Disappeared’ by Jonas Jonasson and Lise by Katherine Roy.

Thank you for keeping me connected with family and friends – even when I feel tired or preoccupied you help me to get motivated to visit, call and write.  When I listen to you and allow myself to be guided by your wisdom I always find myself in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right’ time.  Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you for suggesting I enrol in the two day art class – what fun to spend two days drawing, sketching and creating.   The food, country setting and glass of Tasmanian wine with lunch was delightful.  I am so glad I listened and followed through on your suggestion.

What a year!  It has been a beautiful 2014, yes there has been some low and sad days …  yet there has been so many more wonderful days and beautiful moments … I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to know and love you – from my heart thank you for being you!!   I love you!

With love and blessings for 2015, from ME!

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