Decluttering progress

Good news!!

I have made some progress.  With a little help from others (thanks G, your help and encouragement has been greatly appreciated) I have started to remove some of the ‘clutter’ from my life.

I began the de-cluttering process at the end of the calendar year, in those few days between Christmas and New Year.  Since then the rubbish bins and the recycling bin (from this house) have been full, bursting out from under the lids when the garbage truck comes by to collect. In addition, a few trips to the charity stores have also happened.  A feather doona we have had for way too many years, old receipts and papers, cups and crockery with chips, clothes that don’t fit and old stained tea-towels and linen.  Silly things that I have been keeping for a ‘rainy day’, thinking that one day I might need that old tea-towel for a cleaning cloth or the tired crockery for the shack or a playhouse.  We had to drive around for a while as I think there might have been a few other people also doing a clean-up over the Christmas period.  Each time the charity bin was in vision we looking to see if it was brimming over the top.  Sure enough.  So off we went to look for another Charity Bin that still had some space for a bag of donations.

There is no good reason to clutter up the house with tired, old, dirty energy and things long past their useful date.  I have known for some time that I have been cluttering up my home with tired, old, dirty energy and things of the past.  Our homes need only to have items in them that we know to be useful or believe to be beautiful, nothing more and nothing less.  Some of the clean up has proved difficult for me and those who know me will understand the struggle I have had with (for example) the 45-50 colour magazines I put in the recycling bin!

So I now declare there will be no more of the cluttering mentality and behaviour in 2012.  My intention is to work on removing unwanted and unneeded things, to clear the way for the fresh, new, invigorating, loving and beautiful future.  I like to think of this process like a snake shedding his skin after a dark and lazy winter.  Under the dry old skin (old ways of doing things) there is a beautiful new you waiting to show your true colours. If we hold on to the old, our hands and lives will be full and when the new beautiful opportunities present themselves we won’t have a spare hand or space for them in our lives.  Make sure you have an empty shelf, cupboard, drawer, corner or chair for the new opportunity when he / she arrives at your doorstep.  An area that is clean, clear and welcoming.  At the very least keep an open heart to the future.

We started with the boxes under the bed and the things previously abandoned in the spare room where they have been put during quick clean up moments in the past.  My quick tip: try not to make it an onerous job as you will be burdened with the experience instead of feeling enlighten and light-hearted!  Put on some uplifting music, open the windows and drink plenty of fresh water and gently move on from the past.

I still have a long way to go and this is going to be a long process.  It is my journey and my clutter and on my task and responsibility list.  It will be a cleansing, cathartic and therapeutic experience to remove stuff and nonsense from my life.

My progress continues along with some reminiscing!!

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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