My March intention

It is time to disclose my March intention and continue to be accountable.

A new month has sprung up before I was ready and I feel like I am still working on developing my cluttering clearing, nutrition and exercise intentions into actions and rituals, and I wonder how I am going to keep focused on this plan for a full twelve months.

Ah well, this is the thing!!  Stay focused, keep striving and keep moving forward.

I also resolve this year to maintain my 2012 intentions for a full twelve months and not slip up or get slack.  To be accountable and to declare out aloud, not just quickly to myself and written in a personal journal.  This year I will declare publicly what I am working on developing and being.

So March is about maintenance and accountability.

I wonder, if others tell people about their New Year Resolutions.  Do your friends make you accountable as the year progresses, or not?

sand, shells and shoes

share with friends and check out what foot/shoe prints we create in the sands of time

More about how I plan to be do that in the next few days.

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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5 Responses to My March intention

  1. katehobbs says:

    Accountability….. Oh boy, that’s hard, but so essential. I have a couple of friends that I can be so real with about my highs and lows, my successes and failures. They are true friends because they will challenge me appropriately about my stuff. Surely, that’s what true friends are? It doesn’t happen straight away. I’ve had to work at being real with myself. Over time, I have learned that my friends are safe and that they won’t go gossiping my stuff to others, and they know that they can be real with me and know that I am safe.
    I don’t make New Year resolutions because, to me, if and when I fail, then I have to deal with that. However, I know that I need to continually deal with myself so it is a daily, weekly and monthly challenge.
    Anyway, I wish you success in your resolutions, your accountability, and your plans for 2012. Keep pressing on.

    • Thank you Kate for your kind wishes.
      I hear you, especially the “if and when I fail”. That is part of my reasoning for the accountability.
      I usually critique myself around my ability to achieve my New Year Resolutions and then don’t tell anyone when I realise that I have failed. This way (my 2012 blog) I have to be more ‘real’. I must say it is a little scary.

  2. buckwheatsrisk says:

    I don’t make resolutions either, if there would be one for me, it would be I make no New Years Resolutions…I just can’t keep up with them and I never know what is going to happen in a year. Way to go though and I hope you have fun making the changes you want to make and blogging about them!

    • Thank you, it is a fun thing for me. So true who knows what is around the corner or what life will dish up for us at any time. My intentions help me to keep true to me when ‘life’ happens and I fall flat on my face. It gives me a reason to get back up again!!

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