Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons (1936)

How lovely to read this post on Gibbons’ book from Real Simple.  I have just purchased the kidle version of Cold Comfort Farm.  I am loving it and I can understand why people say they laughed out aloud when reading and that Simply Stated ‘flew through the first eight chapters”.  It is a funny and easy read.  Such beautiful words and I find the Old English words delightful.

My treasures from the book are the names Gibbons chooses for her characters.  Mrs Smiling who appears so far to be quite a judgmental character.  Hoots, Bikki, Swooth, Goofi, McKnag, Starkadder and Aunt Ada Doom.  The names of places and people is delightful. Who would want to live in a place called ‘Howling’?

Some of my favourite quotes include ..

Mrs Smiling commenting on Flora discussion on her plans for her new living arrangements:  “You have the most revolting Florence Nightingale complex.”

Flora reflecting to Mrs Smiling on the success of writing the four letters to her ‘rich’ relatives:  “It is rather frightening to be able to write so revoltingly, yet so successfully.  All these letters are works of art”

This quote of Flora, is a gem ….  “Curious how love destroys every vestige of that politeness which the human race, in its years of evolution, has so painfully acquired…!!

What is it about love and politeness, respect and acceptance?

Why is it that we can do it so well for some people and in some situations and then fail miserably on other occasions?

Cold Comfort Farm was written in the 1930’s and the issue with painfully acquired politeness being destroyed in a moment, I think is as true today, in media, social networking and everyday life as was expressed by Gibbons in her book.

I look forward to continuing to enjoy my read of Cold Comfort Farm, the humour, the characters and the delightful way the story is unfolding.

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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