Progress update on Clutter clearing

Hello good people

It is time to let you know how I am progressing with my January aim to declutter my home and life, to share with you if I have kept my word and been true to my intentions – or not.

For me clutter clearing of the house and home is easy to do and relatively easy to see when progress has been made.  For one thing if you can see the floor and do not have to step over things to get to the door or when moving around the room, then you are probably making progress. Either that or you are already sorted, organised and clutter free.  Well done you.  I have been to people’s homes in the past where I could not get from the front door to the kitchen without treading on something, I couldn’t see the floor surface, at all!  There are understandable some reasons why people might live like that but that is another story for another time and place.

Secondly, if there is a space on every surface (table, bench, cupboard, shelf) in the house to place a cup, book, plate of food, glass of wine or similar and a space on every chair in the house to place your butt or the butt of a family member or friend, then clutter clearing is probably well on the way.  I have had occasions when people come to visit me unexpectedly and I race around the house picking up piles of unfolded washing off the couch and papers off the chairs so my friends can sit down, then I scuttle off into the kitchen to wash up some coffee cups so I can make them a cuppa!  Yikes!  That is when reality hits me – I am not as ordered or as organised as I would like to be.

I have a family member that when I go to visit I am not sure where to put my handbag so that I can find it again, let alone a place to sit or put a cup of coffee  ..  OK maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I tell you it is not far from the truth.

So ….  am I more free of junk and useless stuff in my house?  Am I more ordered and organised?   Zen Habits  say that making resolutions are a waste of time and unhelpful, others like The Fulcrum Chronicles believe that being organised in the house is overrated.   According to The Fulcrum Chronicles, “we want our clutter so creatively and lovingly contained it ceases to be junk, and becomes treasure”.   I would have to agree that yes we are at risk of becoming too streamlined in some areas of home-life, too white, too plain and too superficial and too ordered.    Home-life should be multi-coloured and vibrant, not beige or clinical!

So do you want to know the progress on my less cluttered and still multi-coloured home so far … ?

Here it is – room by room.

pretty tea and coffee cups on display

pantry ~ Done!  It looks exceptionally tidy now with everything in appropriate containers and labelled.  Old stock has been thrown out and shelves rearranged so that there is now order – tinned goods in one area and homemade jams, pickles and relish in another.

kitchen bench ~ Done!  At the end of the day I often come home and put things on the kitchen counter, the daily mail, house keys, a magazine, shopping – and some things seem to stay there for a week or more.   Along the way other things, like the sample pot of paint or the new batteries (meant for the clock) end up on the kitchen bench.   So, I now have the bench clear and tidy without clutter.   It feels good, but I wonder how long it will stay like that!

bedroom dressing table ~ Done!  Why is this space the last thing to be dusted?  Who knows!  Anyhow it is tidy and dust free now.  Hope it last for at least a couple of weeks before I mess it up again.  (laughing mischievously)


Tidy bedroom with strategically placed cushions

bedroom (in general) ~ Failed!  I know you think that room looks neat and fabulously organised but I cheated!  That is the lovely Richmond Hotel (Adelaide).  If you are in Adelaide, I recommend this place for accommodation, you will get a healthy breakfast and a good night sleep.  It also has a beautiful bar and dining area.

OK back to my bedroom at home.   So why, oh why do I cover up that lovely upholstered cream chair with clothes that have been worn just once and tossed aside carelessly at the end of a good day?  Why do I have three handbags sitting on the floor with ‘stuff’ still in them?  What on earth is that pile of papers and folders over there?  Who put that there?  Do I need this … thing ..  anymore?  What on earth are in the boxes under the bed?  How long have they been there?  Have I vacuumed this room this week?  When did we last change the sheets?  Oh No! – I am not sure where to start!

Let’s just go to another room.

bathroom ~ Done!  I love my bathroom I recently renovated it after many years of making do.  I guess that is why I am inspired to keep it in reasonable order.  I have folded white towels in a pile and freshly painted white shelves with strategically placed (and useful) items.  I did remove some bottles of lotions and potions of which the contents I am sure would be of no good use to anyone after this amount of time.  I have always wondered how long perfume lasts.  Is there a standard amount of time, like a ‘used by’ date?

Yes, I collect National Geographic magazines!

books ~ Done!  I love books and love reading and writing therefore  organising my book shelf is an enjoyable task, more fun than dusting and paying bills.  This is one of the areas I organised first but I didn’t throw much out as it is seems nearly sacrilegious to throw out books.  I did pass on some to friends and sold a few to the second hand book seller. However, there is always a problem for me when stepping into a second hand book store as I usually come away with new stock for my bookshelves.

lounge room ~ Done!  This is an area that I have been reasonably well trained in keeping sorted and tidy, albeit for washing and folding of clothes.  I do love my magazines and as you can see I still have a ‘couple’ of piles / shelves / stacks of interesting reading available on most topics.  I have halved the magazine collection as well as removed a bundle of old newspapers and binned a throw rug and cushion or two that were looking a little worse for wear.  Now when I bring clothes into the room to fold or air I leave them in the basket until ready and don’t dump them on the lounge / couch / settee as I have previously done.

When someone calls unexpectedly a basket of clean washing is something for to be proud of.  If I am embarrassed I can quickly whip it out of sight and into the laundry.

computer desk ~ Failed!   I have not started on this area yet!  When I plan to clear and sort I undoubtedly get sidetracked to blog and email instead.  Better get on to the desk clearing, I am pretty sure all those pens don’t work and I must say (as my eyes scan the desk) it is looking quite dusty around this space too.

In another update, I shall tell you a little about my emotional clutter clearing, that is a whole different kettle of fish (a totally different type of clutter clearing).

Now, where did I put that cleaning cloth and disinfectant?

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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  1. As an organizer by profession, I applaud your efforts. Well done!

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