I’m cookin’ and a baking!

So June begins in a flourish and a fluster.  I am excited to be cooking and baking again.

You see I used to bake and cook.  Back in the good old days.  I was happy then.

I made jam, marmalade, pickles, tomato relish and ice-cream.  Baked bread, cakes, biscuits, savoury scones and sweet muffins.  I served up roast meals, casseroles, vegetable bake, cheesecakes, fruit cake, zucchini slice, fruit trifle, golden syrup dumplings Christmas cakes and puddings.  I even made my own milk chocolate and cheese and chive damper (very easy recipe).  My favourite recipes were my boiled fruit cake, chocolate coated caramel slice and mocha cheesecake.

Then things went horribly wrong …

My first awful moment was when I discovered a hair in the sweet dish I had made for a shared family occasion!!  I was sooooooooo embarrassed and ashamed.  I think I slunk away from the event early.

The second awful event was when ‘someone‘ told me “You couldn’t cook to save yourself”!

… and so I stopped cooking.

BUT that was then and this is now.  It is June 2012 and I have made a resolution to get back into cooking.  Cooking for pleasure and cooking for others.

Creme Brulee by George Calombaris

Eggs Benedict by Natalie Lewis (Daily Crave)

Mousakka from an old Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook from my kitchen.

Now all I need (apart from courage) is  …..


(photos from Microsoft Office clipart)

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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14 Responses to I’m cookin’ and a baking!

  1. mydearbakes says:

    I’m sure you can do it!
    Looking forward to you showcasing your yummy dishes soon! =)

  2. Hi there. Don’t give up the thing you love! You are doing the right thing. Very much look forward to reading your scrumptious journey (^-^)

  3. Ladygardenia says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog… I don’t know who you are, but i’d like to know you more.. you have a wonderful Blog! Blessings!

  4. pommepal says:

    Practice makes perfect, the family will enjoy all the fruits of your labour. Well done on the blogging front too, I enjoy your posts. I am nominating you for a versatile blogger award, to see what that means go to my site http://pommepal.wordpress.com/ for more details

  5. madforliving says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, if you’re making your own jam, you can cook! Whoever said that you can’t cook was probably using store bought jam (which is hardly even real food). And I would never be offended by a family member’s hair, so don’t feel bad!
    I always loved baking better than cooking because when you bake, everything tastes good before and after it’s cooked 🙂
    Keep cooking/baking if it makes you happy!

  6. Fergiemoto says:

    If that’s what you really want to do, then GO FOR IT! Yay for you!

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