Share the MAD Love!

It is well known that one of the best ways to care for yourself is to nurture someone else – it is in giving that we receive.  You may make a financial donation to a worthy cause, help out at the local animal shelter or volunteer at numerous community events.  That small gift of time and kindness can make a positive difference in someone’s life.

I was inspired by this blog and reminded that it is the little things in our day that count ….  the small things we can do that make a difference (MAD) in someone’s  day.  It sure is the little things that lift me up when I feel down.

Clare makes an extra effort to package up each client’s parcel of photos, whether in disk format or print, to make it special for the receiver.  It has inspired me to bring back personal handwritten letter writing and preparing small ‘thinking of you’ gifts to send by post in my life and in my regular routine.

cards & ribbons

gift giving and writing cards can be a wonderful exchange of love and friendship

I believe in helping out where ever we are and whenever the opportunity presents itself to show a little kindness .   This behaviour, is belief in action, belief that we are all part of the same world.  So while I am caring for you I am also caring for my future and my / our world!   While I am smiling at you I am flooding my body with endorphins, affecting my emotions in a healthy and positive way. There are so many posters, positive quotes and words that inspire.  One of the things that motivates me to be more positive and accepting towards others, is the inspirational quotes that abound.  I love reading blogs, quotes and books about being positive, making the most of what you have and generally keeping the love alive with a smile and a kind word.

do something good

message to self .. do something good today! (photo credit: J Johnson and missbata.  <;)

What goes around, comes around!   This quote suggests that the negativity and the pain that a person may deliberately cause to other people will go full circle and come back to you one day.  In other words, the awful you give out to others will  return to you (some say three fold) one day.    That, I believe, would make quite a lot of awful!  I have heard people say that if you ‘put out‘ pain in the world, one day it will come back and kick you in the ‘butt’.  So what if we don’t ‘put out’ other people?  But instead, we give a little kindness and care?  Just think how much wonderful nurturing we could be included in and part of!

It’s swings and roundabouts!  In other words, what we lose on the swings we gain on the roundabouts.   For example, if we give up that parking space that we have been vying for, to the other car, maybe there will be an another parking bay for us just around the corner.  So let us not bully our way through the day but instead give way to others, look up and notice when someone else gives way to us – and smile!

Make a little effort each day to show someone you care.

NOTE:  to ‘put out’ means to give or show to other people and situations, usually with intent to offend or irritate. (Let’s reverse that intention)

About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning and growing, facing my fears, embracing love and challenges and stepping forward to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, focused and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my experiences and ideas and to reflect on what inspires me!
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2 Responses to Share the MAD Love!

  1. pommepal says:

    I agree with your philosophy, smile and the world smiles with you, it is a universal language

  2. Thanks for your response. It is a universal language .. no interpretation needed. 🙂

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