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Weekly photo challenge ~ Beyond

To go beyond – to look beyond – to see and seek what is beyond! My photo was taken 2009 and I am quite proud of it.  Using a simple Nikon digital (coolpix S210) and a reasonably steady hand (clearer … Continue reading

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Wooden Boats & Pirates

I love a good pirate story just as much as the next person, especially if it is a good news story like this little gem. The Notorious is a replica 15th century caravel, build from reclaimed timber by Graeme Wylie.  … Continue reading

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Travel theme ~ Glass

  This post is in response to the invitation by Ailsa of Where’s my backpack to share a travel picture with glass as the subject, focus or interpretation.   I like how things get distorted by the different types of glass … Continue reading

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52 thing in 52 weeks ~ item 1

The first item sold!    Done!  Achieved!  Complete! You might get the picture (ie. understanding), but sorry I don’t have a photo to share of the first item.  The sale / handover happened about the same time as I decided to … Continue reading

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52 things in 52 weeks ~ the beginning

I have started a new challenge for myself, dear reader. To sell (or generally give-away to someone else) 52 things that I currently have as possessions.  Things that are still useful, in good condition and could be enjoyed by someone … Continue reading

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Weekly photo challenge ~ illumination

Many things can light up our path in life, some more literally than others.   The light can be decorative or, as in the picture below, have a slightly spiritual glow to it. Recently I had some lights repaired at home.  … Continue reading

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Weekly photo challenge ~ my 2012

It is the end of another calendar year  ..  time to reflect on what has been  ..  before preparing for what is to come!   Sara Rosso’s post from  has put forward a multi-photo challenge for December 28.  “Pick the … Continue reading

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Less is More

My 2013 plan: LESS is MORE!! My intention for this year is to have less so that I can have / do more. less junk more space less chaos, more order less dust, more cleanliness less guilt, more acceptance less … Continue reading

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Tasmanian fires

Just a quick post to let you know. We have had devastating fires over night and yesterday in the Dunalley region of Tasmania, Australia. It seems that there have been over 65 homes and building destroyed, including a public school … Continue reading

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Walking forward ..

I wonder what the journey will be from here on? What will 2013 (or indeed tomorrow) have in store for me  ..  or for you? When I come to the inevitable (and metaphorical) fork in the road, what path will … Continue reading

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