Walking forward ..

I wonder what the journey will be from here on?

What will 2013 (or indeed tomorrow) have in store for me  ..  or for you?

What do you plan for your path in 2013

What path do you plan to walk in 2013?

When I come to the inevitable (and metaphorical) fork in the road, what path will I take?

.. I hope I am more sure of my tread in the future..

.. I feel more sure of my tread today than yesterday!

I intend to tread carefully and take the ‘right for me’ path – the one that leads to a healthy, happy and more loving way of living.  The path of forgiveness and tolerance of learning to understand others.  Looking out and looking forward instead of withdrawing or looking within or trying to be heard.  As the saying goes “..seek first to understand [others] and then to be understood” (Stephen Covey).

May you find renewed courage every step of the way in 2013 to live according to your good intentions and may joy and peace blossom to full bloom in your life and in the world around you!


About holistic complications

I like to work on a personal goal or challenge each year .. learning from my previous experiences, I try and face my fears, to stretch myself and step forward, to create a more holistic and authentic life, living with good intentions - a clear, honest and 'real' life! I want to be more accountable for the life I live and create! My experience of being real and authentic are quite complicated at times!! I blog to share my blunders, experiences and ideas and to gain some insight from the self reflection that the process of blogging creates for me.
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2 Responses to Walking forward ..

  1. Happy New Year 2013! Best wishes!

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